Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

January 9, 2017 Anne Bell 0

Just Caring Midlands will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary this year! It seems that only yesterday we were meeting to pray about starting the charity and now JCM is a reality: seeking to share the love of Jesus with our twelve beneficiaries. To walk with them, through the ups and downs, the joys and heartaches of life, has been a privilege. We have felt confused, bewildered and completely out of our depth many times but God has steadfastly supported us and allowed us to be there for our beneficiaries, often when there was no one else to help.


Here’s a Brief Timeline of Just Caring Midlands:


2006 – Pete Mountford visits Caring For Life in Leeds and is inspired to start a similar work in Birmingham. He “starts to nag his friends and his friends cannot get rid of him”.

2007 – A group starts meeting regularly to pray.

2011 – With Caring For Life’s encouragement, Just Caring Midlands becomes an independent charity.

2012 – After a year of making ourselves known and fundraising (including the Three Peaks Challenge) Pete is employed as Managing Director and starts running JCM.

2013 –JCM took on our first young person.

2014 – The Gardening Project starts running.

2015 – JCM employs our third member of staff (Phil Bell).

2017 – JCM has been running for 5 Years and is now supporting 12 vulnerable adults.

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