What We Offer

We run a selection of therapeutic activities and life skills training as well as just spending time together in a safe “family” environment.

Gardening Project

Twice a week we run a Gardening Project where we grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Being outside, in the natural world is well recognised as having a therapeutic effect. It re-establishes a connection with the seasons and rhythms of life that are too easily lost when living in a major city.   The Gardening Project also provides a safe space where those we work with can learn social skills by working together and interacting in a calm and peaceful environment. We are also able to send everyone home with fresh home grown produce!

Cooking Workshops

After our first harvest from the Gardening Project it became clear that most of the people we work with didn’t know how to cook vegetables that don’t come ready packaged from a supermarket. So we started running Cooking Workshops to teach them how to prepare healthy fresh food from scratch.


The workshops run once a month and usually make the most of whatever is in season at the Gardening Project. We prepare the meal and then all eat together. So far the menu has ranged from Lasagne, to Victoria Sponge to Christmas Dinner. It has been great to hear our beneficiaries proudly tell of how they have recreated meals at home.

Drop In

We run a Drop In once a week. Anyone we support can turn up for help with paperwork or other issues. Mostly it’s an informal, relaxed time where we chat over a hot drink and play cards. Uno is the current favourite!

Craft Classes

In our Craft Classes we meet up to make beautiful, useful and inspiring things together. Having a time to be creative is very relaxing and a good way to exercise mindfulness. Plus everyone gets something fabulous they have made themselves to be proud of!

Individual Support

Many of the people we support do not have the confidence to take part in group activities. Others need extra help when their life situation changes for example when moving home, dealing with debts or coping with difficult family situations. We try to be there for everyone we support no matter what they are going through. For some this may mean meeting up once a week for a coffee, help with shopping, decorating a new flat, teaching life skills or just being available for them.