Who We Are

We are a small, registered, Christian charity and we have been operating in the Birmingham area since 2012. We seek to help and befriend vulnerable young adults who may otherwise fall through the gaps in the system.

We try to tailor our support to each person we work with: we run a variety of workshops and group projects but will also make time to see our beneficiaries on a one to one basis. While most other agencies are only allowed to provide support for a limited period of time, we will be there for those we help,  for as long as they need us.


As Christians we believe we have a duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves, without any agenda or asking anything in return. We receive no government funding and all our income comes from individuals, churches, trusts and we are active fundraisers!

Just Caring Midlands was founded because we were concerned about the growing number of young people in need of on-going support and care in the West Midlands.


There are two main reasons for this:


    • Government cuts mean that the help available is more limited than it has been in the past
    • Sometimes the type of help required falls outside the remit of social services and/or other official bodies


Social Services and many other agencies help thousands of young people every year. However, due to the current economic climate and cost cutting across many areas of funding, there is a lot of scope to supplement the help currently available in order to reach more people in need.


It is also sometimes understandably the case, that support is only provided for a limited time and in a very prescriptive way, to those who are plugged into the official system.


Due to the way we are funded, we do not have any of these restraints and are therefore able to offer help which can be added onto an existing service. We are also able to provide on-going support if it is required, once someone has completed a programme with another agency.


Our aim is therefore not to be in competition with or to replace existing services, but to supplement what is already available to ensure that as many people as possible receive the help they need for as long as they need it.

"And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

Micah 6 v 8