Why Are We Needed

So what does it mean to be vulnerable?


Well, we can help people who are homeless. We help young people who have left the care system with little or no provision for their future. They might be in shared accommodation with no family or friends to help them, they might be ill-educated with few job prospects and be utterly bewildered to be alone and fending for themselves. We help people who are at risk and those with mental health issues. We help people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities and we also help ex-offenders.


But why do they need our help? Doesn’t the government take care of stuff like that?


Did you know that Birmingham has one of the highest homelessness rates in the UK! In 2016/17, government figures show there are 3,479 homeless households in the city. That is equivalent to 1 in every 124 households…the 4th highest rate in the country!

Birmingham City Council has made £460 million of cuts since 2010 and they are in the process of cutting over £300 million more by the end of next year (2018). This means that Birmingham City Council is relying on community led organisations to make up this shortfall. Adults Services are facing some of the largest cut backs. £1 out of every £3 spent by BCC is spent on Adult Services. In addition to this, more than 200 young people leave the care system in Birmingham every year.

“Because of this combination of cuts and spending pressures we may not be able to deliver many of the services we now offer, and it may even become more and more difficult to deliver those that we are required to provide to an appropriate quality.”  


BCC Adults and Social Care Review Green Paper