Green Meadow Garden

Our New Home

At Easter 2018 we started leasing a former community allotment site from Bournville Village Trust.  We want to make this into our new home.

For a long time now we have been praying for a base; for a place where we can work from and where we can be found if someone needs our help.  The site we have been given needs lots of work but it also has lots of potential to become a wonderful new home.

At the moment we are running the Gardening Project and some other workshops on site but we cannot move there completely until we have done some major work.

Our Plans

What we want to achieve

In order to transform our Green Meadow home into a fully functioning base for the majority of our work we need:

  • To connect to the mains water supply
  • A toilet solution that our beneficiaries are comfortable to use (probably a septic tank)
  • An off grid power solution
  • Another building to house a kitchen for our Cooking Workshops and a small meeting/office space

We believe this is all very achievable but we need your help!

Could you help us by donating to our fund?

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