Our Beliefs

Just Caring Midlands is a Christian charity which draws its’ ethos and principles from the Bible and the life and teaching of Jesus.


Christians have always taken a leading role in helping those less fortunate.


Did you know Christians

  • Pushed to abolish slavery
  • Helped create the welfare system
  • Started many of the UK’s orphanages
  • Founded some of our best known charities like Barnardo’s and Oxfam


Here at Just Caring Midlands we follow the example Jesus set and are happy to help anyone whether they share our beliefs or not.



We never require or expect anyone who receives help from us, to come to church or read the Bible. We make no demands or claims of any sort but we feel it’s important to say that we do what we do because we love Jesus and seek to honour him by helping those in need … just as he did.


Find out more about what we believe by reading our Statement of Faith

“love your neighbour as yourself”  

Mark 12 v 31